Kitten Shower Ideas & Templates

Our kitten showers have been fun ways to create interest in our shelter and our cats as well as collecting much needed items. If you’re interested in holding your own, here are some ideas…


Games & Activities:

  • Name the Baby: Have your guests guess the official name of the babies in a particular species. For example, a baby cat is a kitten and a baby dog is a puppy.
  • Pin the Kitten on the Mama Cat: Draw or print a large image of a cat lying on her side and then several small kittens. Each guest can write his or her name on a kitten then try to place it on the mom while blindfolded.
  • Kitten Bingo: We made our Bingo boards 5×5 with K-I-TT-E-N across the top. Each column featured a different theme related to cats. K = Things kittens/cats have, I = Things kittens/cats are, TT = Breeds or colors of cats, E = Things kittens/cats do, N = Names of kittens and cats currently up for adoption at our shelter.
  • Name the Famous Cat: Post pictures of famous cats around your event space and have people write down their names (we had them use the back of their Name the Baby sheet). We used pictures of Grumpy Cat, Garfield, Hello Kitty, Sylvester, Cheshire Cat, Felix the Cat, Heathcliff, The Cat in the Hat, The Thundercats, Cat Stevens (this got laughs and groans from people who guessed it), Catwoman, The Aristocats, Simba, and Puss in Boots.
  • Submit your favorite cat names: Since we name dozens of cats we start to run dry on name ideas. We had guests write down their favorite cat names along with their phone/email and we said we’d let them know if/when we used their suggested name.
  • Make your own cat ears: Buy a selection of headbands from the dollar store and colored felt. Pre-cut the felt into diamond shapes. At the event, people can select their choice of felt, fold it over the headband (making it into a triangle), and then glue it in place with tacky glue. (Allow the ears to dry before wearing them.)


Prize Ideas

  • KitKat bars – fun size (we gave these out for guessing the famous cats)
  • Baby Ruth bars – fun size  (we gave these out for guessing the baby animal names)
  • Hello Kitty coloring books
  • Hello Kitty candy
  • Cute post-it notes
  • Cat stickers
  • Cat/kitten note cards
  • Cat toys
  • Naming rights for a shelter cat


We created an Amazon registry as well as a list on our website with items that we need especially during kitten season.

Below are templates & documents that we created for our kitten shower. We’re happy to share them with you to use for your event.

Name the Baby activity BLANKName the Baby activity Answer Key

Kitten Bingo Cards as a pdf or Kitten Bingo as a Word document to edit as you want. This is the key for the words we used on the Bingo cards.

This is an image of our cat with kittens used for the pin-the-kitten-on-the-mama-cat game.