Location, Location, Location

Where you find a lost pet matters. If you call about or bring in a pet you’ve found, “where” will likely be one of our first questions. Why?

One: If a pet is lost its owners are likely to look for it close to where it went missing. Think LOST not abandoned. For that reason it’s best for the pet to stay as close to where it was found as possible. Animals found in Goodhue County should stay in Goodhue County, animals found Wabasha County should stay in Wabasha County, etc. Having accurate information about where an animal is found also helps us make connections with reports of lost pets more quickly.

Two: It is important for animal welfare and law enforcement agencies to have an accurate count of the number of lost/stray animals so they can allocate resources appropriately.

Three: There are some animal diseases that are present in one area that aren’t present in others. For this reason the states’ animal health agencies are concerned about animals moving across state lines without receiving vaccinations or being tested. While Red Wing may be closer to Hager City than it is to Cannon Falls the different states mean different rules. In order for us to remain open and able to assist animals in the future we have to make sure we follow the laws.