Requirements for Importing Animals from Wisconsin

According to Minnesota Statute 1700.1600, “All dogs and cats imported into the state of Minnesota must be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection issued by an accredited veterinarian,” with few exceptions. Statue 1700.1700 indicates that, “[The certificate] must certify that the dog or cat has been inspected and is free of visible signs of infections, contagious, or communicable disease and certify that if the dog or cat is three months of age or over, it has a current rabies vaccination.”

What this means for strays from Wisconsin

Stray animals picked up in Wisconsin must first visit a vet and receive a certificate of veterinary inspection prior to being brought to the River Bluff Humane Society. We are unable to accept animals from Wisconsin without this certificate! If you find an animal in Wisconsin, your first call should be to the local authorities or town council person. This person can then provide authorization to transport the animal and direct you to the appropriate veterinary clinic in accordance with the specific town ordinances and contracts. In some instances, the appropriate clinic may be within Minnesota, provided that the veterinarian is accredited in the state of Wisconsin. Transporting an animal for veterinary to enter “a veterinary facility for treatment, surgery, or diagnostic procedures,” (MN 1700.1600) is one of the limited exceptions under which an animal may be brought into Minnesota prior to obtaining the certificate. HOWEVER, due to contractual agreements between the towns, please contact the town authorities before taking the animal to any veterinary clinic.

We are happy to take in animals from Wisconsin once they have the appropriate vet certificate, and hold contracts with several townships. Please understand that we are unable to make exceptions to the above requirements due to state statutes. Our failure to comply with these rules would jeopardize our ability to help animals in our community. Thank you for your understanding!