Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a no-kill shelter? No. However, we try to avoid euthanizing animals whenever possible. We take in all of the homeless pets in our area and that occasionally includes animals that are extremely ill or aggressive. We give sick animals medical treatment when appropriate, but for some extremely ill animals, we believe euthanasia is more humane. We also do not adopt out aggressive pets and those animals are euthanized. No adoptable animals are euthanized – once an animal is up for adoption it will remain up for adoption until it finds a home. You may view our complete euthanasia policy here.

How long will you keep an animal up for adoption? As long as necessary. We do not euthanize pets simply because they have not been adopted out within a certain time frame. We work with other shelters and rescue groups to try to find homes for all of our animals. See our euthanasia policy.

Are you part of the city/county government? No. We have contracts with the City of Red Wing, Goodhue County, and other areas to handle certain aspects of animal control. As such, we do receive some funding from these government entities in accordance with our contracts, however, we are an independent organization and the majority of our income comes from public support. We do not receive state or federal funding.

I donate to the Humane Society of the United States, isn’t that a donation for you? No. While the HSUS is a worthy cause, and they do great things to spread awareness about animals and advertise for Humane Societies in general, we do not receive any financial support from them.

I can’t keep my pet anymore, can you take him? Possibly. When space permits, we take in animals whose owners are unable to keep them for any reason. We charge a surrender fee (to help offset our expenses in caring for your pet), and will also ask you for information about your pet, including past health and behavior history. You may contact any shelter staff person for more information specific to your situation.

I found a lost/stray animal—what do I do? If you find a pet within the City of Red Wing or in greater Goodhue County, you can bring the animal to us. If you find a pet within the city limits of another community in Goodhue County or in a neighboring county please call us for more information. If you find a pet in Wisconsin, your first call should be to your local town chair who can advise you further. Read more about this issue on our animal control page.

What is required to have a pet in the City of Red Wing? All dogs and cats within the city limits are required to have a rabies vaccination and a license. Licenses are available at the Humane Society. For more information, visit our licensing page.

I’d like to support the Humane Society, how can I help? You can help in many different ways – by donating money, items we can use, or your time as a volunteer. We are very grateful for any support you are able to give!

Do you have foster homes? Can I foster an animal? We do not currently utilize foster homes. It is something we did many years ago and may do again in the future, but we are currently trying to improve our shelter facility and focusing on the work we do while leaving fostering to the rescues who already have great systems in place for fosters.

I’d like to have the Humane Society bring animals to visit my school/facility, will you do that? We are happy to bring animals and talk about the Humane Society, or just give a presentation about who we are and what we do to schools, daycares, senior living facilities, community organization meetings, and the like. Please contact us to set up a time and discuss details. There is no charge for having us visit but donations are always appreciated.

Why do you charge the adoption fees that you do? Please read about our Adoption Fees here.

What are your animal intake/release numbers? Please visit our Animal Records page.