Shelter Manager

The River Bluff Humane Society has a job opening for a Shelter Manager. The Shelter in Red Wing opened in 1992. With a full-time staff of three and 3-6 additional part-time staff, the Shelter Manager is responsible for staff supervision on a daily basis as well as scheduling staff to cover a seven day a week operation from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Customer service is a key component of the position. The manager works with adopters, donors, law enforcement personnel, board members, potential adopters, volunteers, grooming clients and supporters. In addition to in-person interactions, the manager answers the phone and responds to email and social media requests in a timely manner.

The manager assures that the facility is clean and all equipment is in working order, arranging for maintenance and repair/replacement when needed. General shelter cleaning includes sweeping, mopping floors and washing windows. In addition, all indoor and outside animal kennels are cleaned daily. The manager both participates in the work and assigns staff specific responsibilities every day.

The Humane Society routinely has both cats and dogs as well as other animals. The actual count varies regularly; it can be as low as 20 or as high as 60. Hands-on animal care is a significant part of the Manager’s responsibilities. This includes:

  • Feeding and exercising animals in all weather conditions
  • Following established animal care and handling procedures
  • Maintaining the highest standards of sanitation and care
  • The ability to perform (or willingness to learn) basic veterinary functions with the oversight of the Shelter veterinarian—administering vaccines, micro-chipping, blood draws and administering medical and first aid

The Humane Society assists with animal control for the City of Red Wing and Goodhue County. The manager needs to be able to assist with animal investigations and, if needed, be trained in current animal control policies and ordinances.

Maintaining accurate records is critical to operations. The manager maintains records for animals, health records, euthanasia and other animal related matters. Careful and precise handling of cash and use of the cash register is part of the responsibility as well.

The work of the shelter manager can be physically demanding. Daily work is subject to frequent interruption and requires frequent bending, reaching, squatting and kneeling. The work is both indoors and outside in a variety of weather conditions (this is Minnesota).

The ability to work some holidays and weekends is required.

A high school diploma is required. Animal knowledge and management/supervisory experience are preferred. Some computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook) are required as well as the ability to learn additional programs required for Shelter operations.

The Humane Society is looking for a highly motivated, polite, professional team player able to work in a fast paced environment.

For additional information contact: or call 651-388-5935.